Designed for pushing the limits

Fliegl introduces “ASW Stone Offroad extra strong”

The Fliegl push-off technology covers a wide range of applications. For years, the sophisticated system has proved its worth in civil engineering, road and tunnel construction and withstands heavy mechanical stress, e.g. underground.

Fliegl Bau- und Kommunaltechnik supplies superstructures for dumpers, articulated trailers, semi-trailers and truck bodies. New is a particularly powerful 29 cubic meter body for special vehicles suitable for extreme applications. The extractive industry is increasingly using trucks as they reduce the life-cycle costs per ton of material moved and optimize ongoing operations. The new “ASW Stone Offroad extra strong” is tailored to the requirements of quarries, mines and large construction sites. With this vehicle, Fliegl Baukom is perfectly positioned in the heavy-duty segment.